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July 14, 2009

Week 4 Update

This week flew by and I spent too little time online due to travel plans. However, I was able to explore many of the applications of Google Earth including various data sets. I plan to use Google Earth to help teach concepts in ecology, energy resources and climate change. I also spent time researching different animations and simulations. Through my PLN, I am taking on the task of exploring the simulations that relate to content areas I teach and organizing them onto my Wiki page. This is a very time consuming task, but it will be worth it in the long run. What I find most powerful about my PLN is how it allows teachers to share key resources. I spend so much time searching the web, trying to find new ideas. My PLN helps to simplify this process.
One of the problems I have had with blogging is being able to maintain a dialogue with other students in this class. When I post a comment to someone's blog, I would like to easily come back to that post to see that person's response to my response. But I find it is very difficult to remember who's blog I commented on and under which topic the comment was posted. Is there an easy way to view (perhaps through Google Reader) to see responses that are specific to my responses? Thanks for any input! -Quinn


  1. Quinn, I was wondering the same about keeping track of responses to my responses on people's blogs.
    The only way I have to do it right now is by clicking on "Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" at the bottom of the person's blog post + comments. I only do this when I post a reply and I'm interested in whether I get a reply form the blog owner, or if the whole thread is interesting. This will create a feed that will be posted on your Google Reader when someone replies to your reply or someone else makes another comment. The problem with this is that you will end up having a lot of comment feeds on your Reader. I go back once in a while and delete all the old ones that probably wont see more action because classmates are replying to more recent posts (if that makes sense...)

  2. Quinn and Marta,
    Thanks for the question and answer. They were both helpful.