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6th, 7th, 8th - Science, Education -

July 13, 2009

Week 3 Overview

This week I spent a lot of time searching the web for interesting science videos that relate to science topics I teach. I see great value in finding short video clips (in place of entire movies) to highlight important science concepts. These videos clips can also shed much light on many of the abstract concepts that I teach. I have created a Wiki page to help me keep track of all of the resources we encounter during this course. The page includes all of the links we have shared with each other for each of the following topics: wiki pages, social education networks, educational videos, images for science, computer simulations, blogs, and the importance of technology. More content will be added as we progress. Thank you all for sharing so much wonderful information. If you would like to visit this resource, you can find it at
I am also very impressed with the free image editing sites such as Picnik and Pixlr. These programs will come in very handy for my students.

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