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June 29, 2009

Thoughts on Week Two

This past week has really opened my eyes to the endless number of possibilities that a PLN has to offer. Although it is very overwhelming, it is also extremely powerful and I believe it will help guide my teaching for many years to come. I am most impressed with blogs and the time saving features of Google Reader. I have added each member of our class to my Google Reader account and it is now very easy for me to see everyone’s blogs. What I find most powerful is the ability we now have to collaborate and share our resources. I think we all spend way too much time reinventing the wheel and through our personal learning networks, we now have a great way to share with each other. For anyone interested, here is a link to my 7th grade life science lesson plans and examples of student work:


  1. Quinn, this is an awesome website you've set up! I love how pristine it looks, makes me miss my Mac... You have some great resources and it's well organized. Do your students keep up the blog linked to it? How often and it what ways do you use it?

  2. Thanks Marta! The students help me to update the Garden Blog which was made to document the newly created vegetable garden this past year. I asked students (once per week) to make an entry about what we worked on in the garden. The blog will help us keep track of what worked and what didn't for next year. I have to admit that I have not updated it for over a month because of summer and grad school. But really, the upkeep doesn't take much.