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June 19, 2009

Science Teacher Blog Reviews

I began by using the search engine and I searched for “middle school science.” Then I chose to review the following blogs:
Blog #1
This blog was being updated on a weekly basis during the school year to communicate assignments and examples of student work with students, parents and the community. The blog also includes a calendar, student-made videos, slideshows, and project / lesson plans. I think this blog gives good examples of how to showcase student work.
Blog #2
On the sidebar, the blog states, “The goal of this blog is to bring my science classroom into the student's home. I also want provide my science students with information about the material we are currently studying as well as additional science-related information I think they might find interesting”. This blog uses pictures and follows a year-long bird watching project in which students learn to identify a different bird that is posted on the blog each week. There are links to bird identification sites, and a list of the birds that students have seen on their school grounds. I think this blog is a great example of how to incorporate technology into other lesson plans that follow the curriculum. The blog also highlights examples of student work.
Blog #3
This blog includes links to classroom project information and links to classroom notes (in the format of a slideshow). Both of these links use the Google Docs interface that I used this year in my classroom. The blog also is used as a place for students to read the class syllabus and find project links and lesson plans. All a student would need to access class information and assignments would be an Internet connection. I like how this teacher has incorporated animations, readings, notes and rubrics into this blog.


  1. Quinn, thanks for sending me to blogsearch. I was just surfing and coming up with masses to go through. I like a blog page that has the extra pages for assignments and parent letters. I will have to research google docs interface to figure it out. Good reviews of the sites.

  2. So, what are your thoughts on these blogs? Do you find any of them useful?