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January 1, 2012

Top Technology Websites from 2011

For the new year, I have compiled a list of my favorite technology sites that I have used consistently in my classroom. Each of these sites is amazing and worth checking out. Best of all, they are absolutely free!

1. Khan Academy
This site has phenomenal content for math, science and other subjects. The site has thousands of free videos along with a huge variety of practice problems for students to use. Best of all, the site keeps tracks of student progress and rewards their progress with badges. Teachers can easily monitor how their students are doing on an individual basis.

2. Quizlet
This site allows students to create their own list of vocabulary words, make digital flashcards, and then play games to help them learn these new words. Students can also input their own definitions. Another great feature is the spelling game which helps students learn how to spell these new words. Students can easily log in and update their word lists from home or school.

3. Typing Web
This site allows both teachers and students to monitor each of their students' typing accuracy as they progress through a series of lessons. Students can easily access their own accounts from home or from school. The lessons start with the basics and progress through all levels of typing (intermediate and advanced).

4. NASA: Global Climate Change
NASA has created some amazing visuals and simulations to help students learn about global climate change. The site includes many different types of evidence and stunning graphics. From the main page, be sure to check out the EXPLORE tab on the right hand side.

5. ACS Middle School Chemistry
An entire curriculum for middle school students featuring inquiry based learning activities that can be created with inexpensive materials.

6. AMNH: The Known Universe
This simulation from the American Museum of Natural History is unbelievable. The video gives us a realistic perspective of just how small we really are.

I hope you and your students enjoy these sites as much as I have! Happy New Year! If you have any additional sites you would like to add, please let me know.


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